5 Tips to Help you Groom Your Pet at Home

Grooming your pet is vital to ensure his health and overall hygiene. With the world entering the lockdown phase during Covid 19, many pet owners were faced with the challenge of grooming their pets at home. In situations like these, it’s best to educate oneself on the basics of grooming your fur baby at home

When your fur ball starts looking like this- Urgent grooming session needed!


Here are the 5 tips that will help you groom your dog and keep your him looking and feeling great at the comfort of your home:

Invest in a good brush. Your pooch needs regular brushing sessions depending on the type and length of his/her coat.

1. Invest in a good brush for your dog: You pet’s hair will become matted if it is not getting combed. The number of times you brush or comb will depend on the length and texture of your dog’s coat. Regular brushing will result in the removal of flakes of dandruff and will also allow for close inspection of ticks and fleas and therefore, will help keep your pet neat and tidy.

2. Trim your dog’s overgrown hair: It is best to take your pet to the professional groomer for hair trimming. In case you are stuck in a situation where you can’t leave your home, make sure you are extremely cautious and are using the right set of tools while trimming your pet’s coat. Once your dog is patient and calm, proceed carefully and trim the overgrown hair around the eyes, face and under the paws. Also, inspect if there are any knots formed on your dog’s coat, gently hold the knots and carefully trim them making sure the scissors are well above your pet’s skin. Once you are finished, reward your pet’s patience with a treat.

3. Nail trimming but with caution: Overgrown nails can cause discomfort to your pet. If you hear your dog’s nails clicking on the floor of your home, its time to trim them. Your pet might show resistance when getting the nails clipped, make sure to not do this job in a hurry. If you carefully observe your pet’s nails you will see a blood vessel (called ‘quick’) inside the nail. Once you are confident, take a clipper and trim only the end (the ‘hook like’ portion right before the ‘quick’) of your dog’s nails. This will prevent you from hurting your fur baby by cutting his nail too short.

Use pet (wet) wipes to clean your pooch’s ears and eyes

4. Eye and Ear cleaning: To remove the discharge that has deposited in the corner of your pet’s eye, use pet-wipes, damp cloth or a damp piece of cotton. Repeat this almost on a daily basis to prevent the build up from getting accumulated in the corner of your dog’s eye. Also, make sure you do not trim your dog’s hair around the eyes without cleaning the discharge. Use pet-wipes or a damp cloth to clean only the outer part of your pet’s ear. You can do this once a month. If your dog is scratching his ear all the time, you need to take a closer look. In case you come across anything unwanted, immediately call your vet.

5. Brushing your dog’s teeth: Brushing your pet’s teeth is not the most common thing done by the pet owners. When it comes to grooming, it is also important to keep your pet’s oral health in mind. Use a especially designed toothbrush and toothpaste for your dog and gently clean his teeth and massage the gums, at least few times per week. You can additionally give chew toys to your dog, they will also help keep your dog’s teeth clean.

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