5 Monsoon Essentials for Dog Walking

It is that time of the year when we are all set to bid adieu to the scorching summer heat and welcome a good spell of rain with our open arms. With the decreasing temperature comes a sigh of relief for our furry friends too. The pluviophile in you will instantly elevate your mood and you are all set to cuddle up with your fur babies, plan long walks, long drives and vacations with them. However, the changing season comes with its own set of challenges. Here are the 5 rainy day essentials that you must have in your checklist to ensure your pet is always happy and healthy.

Let your fur baby enjoy the rains

1. Dog Raincoat: Remember back in the days we were made to wear raincoat by our parents to protect us during rainy days. Likewise, being a responsible pet parent, it is our duty to give our pets the best of everything. The raincoat will cover your dog’s body and prevent your pet from getting soaking wet. A lightweight raincoat will also protect your pet’s fur from getting covered in mud and dirt. This will help you and your fur baby step out of your home comfortably and enjoy a rainy stroll.

2. Waterproof Pet Boots: Dogs have sensitive paws and when you take your pet out for a long walk on a rainy day, you need to make sure your pet’s paws are protected from the dirty puddles. You can consider getting a good quality waterproof pet boots to ensure hygiene for your dog’s feet.

Keep a high-absorbent towel ready for your pet during monsoons

3. A handy dog drying towel: A lightweight raincoat and a good quality pet boot will surely minimize the exposure of your pet’s coat. However, after a good outdoor session you need to make sure that you don’t leave your pet’s body damp as this will result in the entry of harmful germs and bacteria. After a rainy stroll, cover your fur baby in a drying towel and use a fast blow-dry to quickly dry your pet’s coat.

4. Tick and Flea spray: Monsoon season will offer no break to your pet from the notorious attack by ticks and fleas. In fact, in warm and humid conditions your dog will need extra protection from these pesky parasites. Therefore, a tick and flea spray is a must have for your dog.

5. Ear Wipes: Due to increased moisture levels in the environment during monsoon season, your dog becomes more prone to ear infections. To avoid this, clean your pet’s ears every few days with non-irritable and soft ear wipes. Make sure you do not compromise on your pet’s ear care during the rainy season.

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