How to pick a right toy for your pet?

‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’, this proverb stands true for our pets too. Take out some quality time for your fur babies to keep them entertained and engaged, as this is extremely important for your pet’s well-being. Toys are a perfect way to keep your pet busy for hours. There are a variety of toys available in the market to satisfy every pet’s need. As a responsible pet parent, all you have to do is choose the right toy for your little pooch. Remember toys are not luxury but they are a necessity for your pets. So, the question is how do you pick the right toy for your pet? But before diving to this question there are a few more questions you must ask yourself.  Let’s get right to it!

  1. Is your pet a gentle chewer or an aggressive one?

If you are new to the beautiful world of pet parenting, it’s best you observe your pet’s behaviour before hoarding all those amazing pet toys. Nowadays, online and offline pet stores provide plethora of choices, the idea is to pick wisely as per your pet’s need. If your pet is an aggressive chewer, choose sturdy and long-lasting pet toys (example: Rope Toys) and if your pet enjoys some gentle nibbling, you may pick some soft (example: Crochet Toys) and squeaky toys.

  1. What is the size of your pet?

The toys that are ideal for pups and kittens may not be ideal for a fully grown dog or cat. A cat toy or a dog toy should be appropriate for your pet’s current size, it shouldn’t be too big or too small for your pet. For example, a small squeaky toy for a fully grown German Shephard is a big No! It can be easily swallowed by the dog and become stuck in the throat. You can prevent such emergencies by making informed choices for your pet’s safety.

  1. Have you identified if your pet’s toy is non-toxic?

This is one of the most basic and crucial things that the pet parents miss while shopping for pet toys. To prevent any accidental health hazard, make sure you know what the toy is made of. Are you buying those plastic toys coated with toxic paints and made of flimsy rubber material just because they are cheap and easily available? There is no need to hoard toys for your pet, buy few but quality pet toys for your fur baby. DILO has a range of organic toys filled with coconut fibres. These toys are environment friendly, non-toxic and chew-safe. A perfect pick for your pooch!

  1. Is your pet suffering from anxiety issues or eating disorder?

If you have done some basic research work about the type of pet toys, you would know by now that there are toys available in the market that will cater to your pet’s anxiety issues and eating disorder. One of the best ways to curb your pet’s anxiety is to keep them engaged. There are various interactive toys available in the market that will keep your pet’s brain buzzing and eating habits under control. Puzzle toys, chew toys, food dispensing toys etc. are a great option.

Disclaimer:  It is important to note that no toy is indestructible. It is recommended to supervise the play to ensure safety if you know that your pet is not gentle with toys.

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