5 Tips to Keep your Dog Warm During Winter

When we think about our most favourite season, the winter season tops the list. Yes! Winter is coming! This dreamy weather is accompanied by fuzzy blankets, sweaters and coats and some warm cuddles from the loved ones. But every season comes with its own set of challenges and when we are talking about our loved ones how can we forget our furry family. Here are the 5 tips you keep your dog warm and comfortable this winter season.

  1. Take note of outdoor temperatures when planning for a morning/evening stroll

Winter weather can be really harsh at times. We know how much your fur baby enjoys to wander and explore, but remember, it’s always health first! Choose the best time of the day when you can avoid cold drafts and the temperature outdoors is comfortable for you and your pet.

  1. Avoid shaving off your pet’s coat during winter season

Your pet’s thick coat is a natural warmer and will provide your dog with the much needed warmth during winters. We understand it’s important to keep your pet groomed at all times in order to maintain hygiene but see to it that your pet’s coat remains intact and is not heavily shaved.

  1. A cosy pet bed in a cosy corner

The marbled flooring can get really chilly during winters. Set up a cosy corner for your pet, where your fur baby can comfortably rest and call it a day. DILO has a range of comfortable pet beds for you to pick for your fur baby. Winter beds will provide the much needed warmth and comfort to your pet, a relief from the winter chills and a perfect spot to snuggle and sleep.

DILO Skyline Pet Bed- a comfortable and easy shift bed


  1. A pet blanket for a goodnight’s sleep

Add DILO’s pet blanket with DILO’s pet beds. A perfect combination for the coming winters. Our blankets are intricately knitted using the art of crocheting. They are warm and fuzzy, a must have for your pet during winter season.

DILO Rice Stitch Crochet Blanket-A perfect pick for the winter season

  1. Pet Mats for winters

While planning a vacation with your family and furry friend, take a note of all the essentials. Pet mats are easy to carry and shift. DILO’s pet comfort mats are portable, light-weight, multi-functional and ideal for all seasons. They feature compact and lightly padded surface which adds to extra cosiness. Carry the pet comfort mat and let your fur baby have a piece of home wherever they go.

DILO Sheep Pet Comfort Mat- an ideal for all seasons




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